Kumamoto prefectural assembly apologizes for smoking in the stands during summer Koshien match

It turned out that a prefectural assembly member in Kumamoto Prefecture was smoking in a non-smoking stand during a summer national high school baseball game held at Koshien Stadium last month. The senator admitted smoking and apologized.

The person who was smoking in the stands of Koshien Stadium was Kumamoto Prefectural Assembly member Inobuo Ikeda, who smoked while watching Kyushu Gakuin’s game in Kumamoto at the national high school baseball game held last month.

Representative Ide attended a meeting of representatives of each faction in the prefectural assembly held on the 12th, admitted that he had smoked, and after being warned by security guards, stopped smoking and bought non-smoking goods. I explained that I was smoking by replacing it with.

Representative Ide is a graduate of Kyushu Gakuin and serves as the vice chairman of the LDP Kumamoto Prefectural Federation, but on the 12th, he submitted a resignation request for the vice chairman.

Ide said, “I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. I’m very sorry. I was so absorbed in the game that I accidentally switched on the electronic cigarette. I don’t remember the number of times and timing. I would like to sincerely apologize to school officials and others.”

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