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How to Apply For FIA Jobs in Sahiwal

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is a law enforcement agency of Pakistan. Applicants are keen to join the organization for the exciting career opportunities. The government offers excellent salaries, benefits, and more, making this job attractive to many people. If you want to join a federal agency, here are some tips. Here you will learn how to apply for a job with the FIA. The first step is to set a password. To do this, you can use your email address and password. Next, you should fill the application form with the necessary information and submit it. If you are facing any issues during the Captcha Verification process, try to use Mozilla Firefox. Also, make sure that your Internet speed is stable.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is the law enforcement agency of Pakistan

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is the federal law enforcement agency of Pakistan. It has the authority and the power to investigate various criminal and civil cases and prosecute those who are found guilty. The agency is responsible for overseeing border control, currency offences, immigration, and other law violations in Pakistan. In addition, the FIA collaborates with international law enforcement agencies such as Interpol. In Pakistan, FIA is based in Islamabad and has branches in most major cities. The agency’s staff strives to work toward a culture of merit, maintain an effective internal accountability system, and provide meaningful feedback to employees.

The FIA’s divisions are the Counter-Terrorism Wing, the Immigration Wing, and the Technical Wing. Each of these focuses on a specific issue. The Immigration Wing is responsible for fighting illegal immigration and protecting intellectual property rights. The Technical Wing assists in the investigation of high-tech crimes and protects Pakistan against foreign espionage. The Legal Branch provides legal guidance for administrative issues. Finally, the National Central Bureau (NCB) aids Interpol in combating international crime and criminal organizations.

It is a federal agency of Pakistan

You can apply for FIA jobs in Sahiwal if you are looking for a government job. These jobs are offered by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Pakistan’s largest authorities department. FIA prioritizes the needs of its employees and offers them a variety of benefits, including professional growth and top leadership under the government of Pakistan. If you have the relevant experience and qualifications, FIA is a great choice for employment in Pakistan.

To apply for an FIA job, you need to be at least 17 years old and have completed a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum grade of C. In addition, you must complete a 6 week Basic IT Training Course after being selected. Aspirants should have intermediate skills, as well as a minimum typing speed of 40 wpm. Interested candidates should be prepared to relocate to Sahiwal if they are not eligible to stay in the city.

It is a law enforcement agency of Pakistan

FIA jobs in Sahiwal are important for the grooming of youth in the country. The federal organization has its headquarters in Islamabad and is the country’s top intelligence agency. It deals with crimes against the nation, including federal offenses, smuggling, and other matters that tarnish the country’s reputation. FIA jobs are rewarding, providing many benefits to employees.

FIA recruitment is open to male and female citizens. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree and a valid NOC from their employer. Once selected, they must undergo 6 weeks of basic IT training. For those wishing to become police officers, this job opportunity could be ideal for them. Besides, FIA jobs are highly coveted. The prestige and challenges associated with the job make it an attractive option for many applicants.

The Federal Investigation Agency is one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in Pakistan. The people who work for the FIA enjoy many benefits, including bonuses for good performance. As an employee, you will be able to spend the rest of your life in Pakistan. You can choose a role based on your qualification, such as a police officer, a border patrol agent, a police officer, or a police guard. All of these positions are prestigious and highly competitive.

It is attractive for applicants

FIA Jobs in Sahiwal are available for both males and females. These positions are highly attractive for applicants because they offer attractive compensation and rewards. Applicants are required to have a relevant educational qualification and experience in the area of the job they have applied for. Applicants must submit original documents and pay no TA/DA for the test. Applicants who are currently working in government sector must apply through the correct channels.

FIA is the main department of the Ministry of Interior, and offers job opportunities in various fields. The Federal Public Service Commission announces FIA jobs in various fields, so the opportunities are wide and varied. Applicants can choose from Data Entry Operator, Research Associate, and Public Relations Officer positions. For more information, visit the FIA’s website. The deadline for application is 24 August 2022. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview or test. The interview will be free of TA/DA.

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