Fia jobs in peshawar 2022

FIA Jobs in Peshawar 2022

FIA jobs in Peshawar are advertised to recruit the most capable candidates. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is Pakistan’s national security, counter-perception and visitor safety organisation. The agency has a diverse range of positions available to suit every skill level and experience level. Its recruitment advertisements are open for Civilians and Ex-Servicemen. To apply, applicants must have service experience anywhere in Pakistan or possess a valid NOC from a government department.

FIA is Pakistan’s crook investigation, scenario manage on visitor, counter-perception and safety organisation

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is the country’s crook investigation, visitor security, and counter-perception organisation. Its mandate includes preventing and combating crimes against public safety, as well as carrying out investigations on federal offenses. As the country’s law enforcement agency, it collaborates with Interpol and other government agencies in order to enforce the law. In the aftermath of Khan’s ouster, FIA employees gathered to investigate suspicious activities in the national capital. They were also involved in the vilification campaign targeting the army chief after Khan was ousted. Popular trending hashtags targeted the army, judiciary, and the newly elected government. In order to protect these individuals, most PTI-affiliated social media activists retreated into the underground after the crackdown

FIA’s branches are divided into specialized wings that operate in different departments and regions. Its Counter-Terrorism Wing, for instance, fights against terrorism. Its Legal Wing, meanwhile, protects intellectual property rights and prevents foreign espionage. Its Technical Wing assists in the investigation of high-tech crimes. Besides, its Legal Branch provides legal and administrative advice to government agencies. Its National Central Bureau, meanwhile, cooperates with Interpol to fight against organized crime.

FIA gained credibility as a result of the 9/11 attacks. Its emergence came at a crucial time for the country, which was on track to lose its GSP agreements with the United States. With this newfound authority, the FIA reformed the country’s Foreign Intelligence Agency, which is modeled after the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. The agency also reformed its military intelligence programs in other countries, including those aimed at securing scientific expertise and technical papers.

Candidate requirements for FIA jobs in Peshawar 2022

The first archive is required for the candidate to get selected for a job with FIA. The diploma should be from a recognized institute. The last date to apply is coming soon. Interested candidates should apply as early as possible, before the application deadline ends. The documents must be in original and must be submitted with the application. Interested candidates must also bring original documents to the interview.

The Federal Investigation Agency has advertised a series of positions for 2022. These positions include assistant, steno-typist, upper division clerk, staff car driver, and dispatch rider. The minimum educational qualification for these jobs is a Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent. However, those with a degree or higher can also apply for these positions. The Federal Investigation Agency has made sure to make the process transparent and based on merit.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is a government-run authority department that employs Pakistani citizens and people with good qualifications. These positions range from BPS-01 to BPS-20, and candidates in Peshawar can apply online for any of the listed positions. The application deadline is 14 June 2022. You can apply as soon as possible. Remember, you must be a Pakistani citizen to be considered for this job.

Location of FIA offices in Pakistan

The FIA is the country’s intelligence agency. Its mission is to protect the nation’s interest, preventing and detecting violent crimes. FIA offices are located in the cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Abbottabad, and Lahore. These locations are within easy access to major cities such as Islamabad, Lahore, and Quetta.

The FIA is headed by the Director-General who is appointed by the Interior Ministry of Pakistan. The FIA headquarter is in Islamabad, and it has provincial offices in most provinces. The Director-General and other officers work alongside the directors to lead the small wings of the FIA. There are 10 departments within the FIA. Located in various major cities in Pakistan, FIA offices can help in identifying and tracking criminals.

Thousands of returnees cross the Taftan border every day. FIA officers are faced with the challenge of handling these individuals with extreme caution. The frontline officers of the agency are responsible for processing the returnees and managing the crisis. Immigration officials are faced with the challenge of ensuring the safety of millions of people. For this reason, the FIA is promoting a culture of merit and encouraging its personnel to seek professional development. Moreover, the FIA encourages the use of technology and has a meaningful feedback system.

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