Fia jobs in khyber pakhtunkhwa

FIA Jobs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The Federal Investigation Agency, or FIA, is a law enforcement organization that protects the federal government from crime. This organization consists of the criminal investigative, security, and intelligence departments, as well as an economic crime wing. If you’re interested in working for the FIA, read this article. Here, you’ll learn about the different kinds of jobs available for the agency.

FIA is a law enforcement agency in Pakistan

The FIA is a law enforcement agency based in Islamabad, Pakistan. In 2003, the agency formed an elite counter-terrorist unit called the Counter-Terrorism Wing. This branch is responsible for a variety of counter-terrorist operations, including the detection of terrorist attacks. The FIA also created a Cyber Investigation Unit and a Computer Analysis and Forensic Laboratory. Its members also receive training and electronic equipment from the Foreign Intelligence Agency.

Among the many functions of the FIA are investigation, law enforcement, and enforcement. Its primary role is to protect the public, promote a culture of excellence, and promote internal accountability. As a result, the FIA has a highly-skilled workforce. It also encourages technological innovation and provides meaningful feedback to its members. Its employees are committed to ensuring the safety of the citizens of Pakistan.

It is responsible for the enforcement of federal law

Pakistan has a long history of human rights violations, but the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has seen its share of these in recent years. Human rights activists have been reported missing in the province, including Idris Khattak, who was held incommunicado by law enforcement from November 2019 until June 2020. Khattak, a journalist who had worked on human rights issues in the former FATA, was abducted by security forces in Islamabad on July 21, the day before he was scheduled to appear before the Supreme Court. He was released after only a few hours and claimed it was an act of intimidation.

The FIA has many branches, including an Interpol unit, a legal branch, an economic crime branch, and a human rights wing. The agency also has a computer analysis and forensic laboratory, and a Cyber Investigation Unit. It works in coordination with other FIA wings to carry out investigations. The FIA is led by the Director, who is appointed by the federal government and based in Islamabad. The current Director-General is PSP officer Sanaullah Abbasi.

It has security, intelligence, and criminal investigative departments

FIA has a wide range of branches and works in coordination with the other wings of the agency. These branches include the legal, economic, intellectual property, and rights branches. The Director of the agency is appointed by the federal government and is based in the Islamabad headquarters. Currently, the agency is headed by Sanaullah Abbasi, a PSP officer.

The federal government has also criticized the National Accountability Bureau for randomly arresting citizens and waiting for over a year to file charges. The national leader of PTM was detained in Bannu in June and three teenagers and a tribal elder were killed in the Jani Khel tribe in May. These deaths have resulted in a continued tribal conflict, despite the government’s failure to fulfill settlement agreements with the Jani Khel tribe and remove militants.

In the province, the FBI has several divisions that specialize in a particular area. The agency’s Cyber Crime Division deals with computer crimes, while its Immigration and Criminal Investigation Wing focuses on human trafficking. Its Security, Intelligence, and Criminal Investigative Departments operate in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

It has an economic crime wing

The CIA and FBI are closely cooperating in this investigation and the CIA has an economic crime wing in Khyder pakhtunkhwa. The case against Shiraz Ayaz Khan and his family has sparked interest in the case. The accused were accused of blackmailing women by sending them photos and videos of themselves that were objectionable. The victims then shared these videos on social media and made their payments.

The FIA has various wings including the anti-corruption or crime wing, the immigration & legal wing, and the intellectual property crime and rights branch. The Director of the FIA is appointed by the federal government and works in coordination with other FIA wings. The FIA is headed by the Director-General Sanaullah Abbasi, a PSP officer.

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