fia jobs in khanewal

FIA Jobs in Khanewal

FIA recruitment is open for both sexes. Minority quota is also applicable. If you belong to any of the minority groups, you can apply for these posts. You will get the latest details about the recruitment, registration numbers, exam dates, and other information from the official website of the FIA. FIA is looking for employees for different posts, ranging from BPS-01 to BPS-15. The selection process will be regular.

FIA is the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan

The FIA is the country’s premier intelligence agency and is responsible for detecting and investigating major international crimes. Its investigations are based on extensive information from intelligence sources, including intelligence from US and UK agencies. In 2008, the FIA and FBI jointly investigated the Marriott Hotel bombing, and the FIA’s findings were used by the FBI to hunt down al-Qaeda leaders. The FIA was also responsible for the development of the country’s national security strategy.

The ISI’s involvement in domestic politics is rooted in several reasons. These include the military’s need to control the political system and indirectly rule the country. The ISI also plays a dual role in governing the country, as it often works in tandem with the press and political parties. Hence, for half of Pakistan’s history, the military has ruled the country, indirectly and largely through the intelligence agency.

In the 1980s, FIA’s main role was investigating public corruption. However, its scope quickly expanded to include communist terrorism. In 1981, FIA agents successfully investigated Murtaza Bhutto for hijacking a Pakistan Airlines plane. They also closely monitored Bhutto’s activities in Syria. In 1985, FIA agents broke up a drug trade and arrested a leading drug lord in the Pakistan League Affair.

It is a law enforcement agency

A man posing as a Major in the Pakistan Army was arrested by FIA in Khanewal, Punjab. FIA officials raided a Khanewal hotel after receiving an application from a local contractor, Manzoor Ahmed. Manzoor had approached the impostor, Mushtaq Gondal Chaudhry, to obtain visas for labourers. The impostor charged him Rs70,000 for each visa.

The FIA is a federal law enforcement agency, with many branches, each working in coordination with the other FIA wings. Its branches are devoted to counter-terrorism, economic crime, intellectual property crimes, and human rights. The FIA director is appointed by the federal government and is based in the FIA headquarters in Islamabad. The current Director-General of FIA is PSP officer Sanaullah Abbasi.

Founded in 1974, the FIA initially focused on investigating public corruption and crime. In the 1980s, FIA agents successfully investigated Murtaza Bhutto for the hijacking of a Pakistan Airlines flight. FIA agents also monitored Murtaza’s movements in Syria, limiting the influence of the Al-Zulfikar group. In 1985, FIA agents also broke up the country’s drug trade. They were instrumental in the capture of Yousef.

The FIA has arrested 39 people and seized six girls. Local facilitators of the Chinese gang were arrested. The allegations of trafficking women to China are similar to those made by Human Rights Watch in other Asian countries. As a result, the FIA cannot simply call the case closed. It is important to remember that a case is never closed until justice is served. It is best to be safe than sorry.

It has operations against terrorists, espionage, federal crimes, fascism, smuggling and other specific crimes

As per media reports, the government has red-flagged an Indonesia-based NGO that has past links to the Lashkar-e-Taiba. These organizations raised funds on the cyberspace using images of Delhi riots and distributing them as propaganda. They routed the funds through hawala, the illegal and covert system, to reach the Indian shores.

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