FIA Jobs in Islamabad

FIA Jobs in Islamabad

FIA is the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan with security, investigative, and criminal investigative departments. Its culture emphasizes merit and a commitment to the nation. All interested candidates will be informed of the date and time of the test and the location of the interview. Candidates who are interested in working in the FIA should visit the official website for more details. Listed below are some of the FIA jobs in Islamabad.

FIA is the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan

There are three main intelligence agencies in Pakistan: the Inter-Services Intelligence, the State Security Service, and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). None of the agencies are completely civilian or military, and there is overlap in their work in foreign intelligence. The Inter-Services Intelligence agency is the country’s premier intelligence agency and has significant powers. It monitors communications, maintains a special military-trained action group, and conducts political espionage.

Several FIA employees are members of the JIT, including Muhammad Jaffar, Director of the Cybercrime Wing, Waqaruddin Syed, and Ayaz Khan, Additional Director of the Cybercrime Wing. The JIT was formed to identify negative social media campaigners. The helicopter crash in East Pakistan sparked a hate campaign and prompted a response from Pakistani citizens and international media.

It has security, intelligence, and criminal investigative departments

The FIA is the country’s federal police force. The organization is comprised of security, intelligence, and criminal investigative departments in Islamabad. Its counter-terrorism wing is responsible for fighting all forms of terrorism. Other departments include the Economic Crime Wing, which protects intellectual property rights and the economy of Pakistan. The Immigration Wing combats illegal immigration in the country. The Technical Wing is responsible for investigating high-tech crimes, as well as foreign espionage. The Legal Branch provides legal guidance on administrative matters, while the National Central Bureau helps Interpol fight criminal organizations.

The FIA has a budget of approximately Rs.???? billion a year. Several divisions exist within the FIA. The CIA, Interpol, and ICJ are also part of the FIA. The FIA also has a criminal investigative department and an economic crime division. The Director-General of the FIA is appointed by the federal government, and is based in Islamabad.

It has a culture of merit

FIA jobs are among the most prestigious in Pakistan, with a culture of merit that favors people with higher educational and professional qualifications. Salaries are generous and increase with rank. As a newly employed FIA ASI, your salary will start at Rs. 55,000. After a year, your salary will be as much as Rs. 70000, and you will be eligible to apply for the position of assistant director. Apart from competitive salaries, you can expect other benefits such as free medical checkups and discounts on medical bills. Furthermore, FIA jobs in Islamabad are highly secure and offer high career advancement opportunities.

The FIA has a strong culture of merit and provides ongoing professional training. The agency also promotes the use of technology and ensures effective internal accountability. The agency also has a meaningful feedback mechanism for all employees. The FIA encourages application of candidates from all parts of the country. You must be a citizen of Pakistan to be eligible for FIA jobs in Islamabad.

It is a government association

The Population Council of Pakistan (PCP) is a non-profit professional organization focusing on improving access to family planning services and reproductive health in Pakistan. It also serves as a national resource center for population issues, advises government officials, and provides technical assistance and research-based advice to healthcare facilities in Pakistan that provide family planning services. Since 1957, the PCP has conducted operations research in Pakistan. Its annual reports detail the state of reproductive health care in Pakistan.

SAF is a non-government organization that provides medical care for people of all backgrounds and religions. The group also deals in cardiac, gynecology, and neurology surgeries. They are expanding their services to other parts of Pakistan as well. The poverty-stricken community has limited access to better health care services. The closest hospitals are usually located far from their communities, so many people in these communities cannot afford even a basic medical procedure.

It has a main office in Islamabad

FIA, or the Federal Investigation Agency, is a Pakistani law enforcement agency. The organization enjoys a high level of respect in society, and is often used as a role model for provincial police forces. FIA investigates crimes, including public corruption, and has many functions, including counter-intelligence and security. The organization is responsible for the arrest and prosecution of people suspected of committing specific crimes.

In 2002, the FIA began conducting investigations on copyright infringement. The country was on the verge of losing duty-free GSP agreements with the US when the FIA took on the case. Ultimately, in 2005, the FIA drafted a schedule of offences based on the Copyright Ordinance 1962, which had been passed by the previous government. The law helped pave the way for raids of the country’s largest video wholesale center by the federal interior ministry.

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