fia jobs in faisalabad

FIA Jobs in Fasalabad

FIA is one of the government institutions in Pakistan, which carries out federal investigations. It is open for both male and female candidates. Other duties of the agency include controlling border-crime, money laundering, and human trafficking. Read on to know more about this law enforcement agency. There are various upcoming opportunities in the FIA. As of now, it is still unknown how many people it will recruit in a given year.

FIA is the law enforcement agency of Pakistan

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is the federal law enforcement agency of Pakistan. Its main role is to protect and safeguard the nation, and it has been entrusted with the responsibility of preventing crime and ensuring the rule of law. The FIA was founded in 1942, during the Second World War, and is a role model for provincial police forces. Today, the FIA works to protect the country, and its employees are drawn from all over the country.

The NCB is headed by the Director General of the FIA. This body, under the Ministry of Interior, has direct liaisons with Interpol, the General Secretariat, and the NCBs of member countries. It works to combat international crimes and has played a key role in extradition. Moreover, the Director General of the NCB is responsible for the surveillance of international criminals. These agencies cooperate in the fight against organized crime and protect the rights of citizens of the countries they are from.

It investigates federal crimes

FIA is a federal agency in Pakistan which conducts investigations on crimes committed against the country. Its main purpose is to prevent crime and ensure the security of the country. It is a career choice that promises a secure future, enormous salary packages, and allowances. The agency regularly advertises jobs in the media and online. Interested individuals can search FIA jobs in faisalabad by typing the keyword into the search box and clicking on the job posting.

FIA has different positions for males and females. The salary is competitive and the candidates should be ready for it. The FIA recruits male and female candidates for their vacant posts. Candidates must possess a high school qualification. The agency will pay a good compensation package and stipends according to the Public authority pay scale. The position is part of the federal government and works under the Ministry of Interior.

It is open for both genders

The FIA is an international organization that organizes motor races around the world. The organization welcomes applications from both genders and observes the Minority Quota. The FIA in Pakistan recruits on a regular basis. There are a wide variety of FIA jobs available in the city. Candidates who wish to join this organization should apply early. There are a number of different departments open for recruitment.

To get the most suitable job at the Federal Investigation Agency, the candidate should hold minimum qualification and experience. The agency will pay handsome monthly salaries and fringe benefits. The FIA in Pakistan recruits men and women who hold the appropriate qualifications and experience. Candidates must be Pakistani citizens. They will be invited for screening tests. Shortlisted candidates will undergo a Medical and Physical Test. If selected, the candidates will be given interviews and training.

It is responsible for human trafficking, gambling, money laundering, control of border-crime and cyber-crime

There are many benefits to pursuing a career in this field. You will be able to understand the nature of crime, how to better tackle it, and formulate policies. You will also have the opportunity to work with youth and understand the nexus between cyber-crime and border-crime.

After independence, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) replaced the Pakistan Special Police Establishment (PSPE). The agency is responsible for controlling such crimes as corruption, human trafficking, gambling, money laundering, cyber-crime, and border-crime. Currently, the FIA is hiring for investigation inspectors, assistant investigation directors, and legal directors to work in the agency’s offices. The agency has a variety of positions open in the field, including Lower Division Clerk, Nab Qasid, and Legal Deputy Director.

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